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Pet Insurance Sensible for Traveling

Pet Insurance Sensible for Traveling

With 60 million pet dogs and 70 million pet cats in the United States, it’s not uncommon for pet owners to insurance their beloved companions. The Los Angeles Times reports 100,000 dogs fall out of pickup trucks every year.

The Times said the Progressive Group of Insurance Companies offers a $500 payout if a policyholder's dog or cat is hurt or killed in a car accident. Progressive pet expert Andrea Arden, says motorists generally can be careless when taking their pets for a ride in the car. She says owners allow a dog to sit in their lap, move unrestrained or allow a dog to stick its head out the window. There are dog harnesses sold to restrain the animal inside the car, somewhat like a seat belt holds a human in a safe position.

Even though a dog would choose to poke its head out a window, a dog could be injured by flying debris or an insect or bee that flies into its eyes, nostrils or windpipe. Forced cold air into their lungs is also be problematic. Edmunds.com reports in some cases, dogs have strangulated themselves stepping on the electric window control on the door armrest.

There are also sedatives. Just as Dramamine aids humans against motion sickness, “Rescue Remedy” calms a dog’s temperament just as Feliway calms a cat’s nerves.

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