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Beware of Marijuana Laced Halloween Candy

If your children aren’t careful, they may be getting more tricks than treats when they go out in costumes this year. That is because many police departments are aware that men and women will be attempting to provide marijuana laced candy to minors. According to The Los Angeles Times Halloween is one of the busiest nights of the year for local neighborhoods. It is estimated that about 41 million children will go trick-or-treating at some time tonight. Despite dozens of warnings from safety advocate groups all across the United States, the police still say that many children will be hit by cars or injured in a Halloween-related accident tonight. It is essential that people practice driving safety and trick-or-treat in groups in order to avoid injury.

One of the other dangers this year is marijuana laced “Reefers” which may end up in a child’s trick or treat basket or pillowcase. Parents should inspect all the candy that is in their child’s collection before allowing them to consume it. Officers all across the United States will be out in full force to ensure that kids are kept safe tonight, and will even be inspecting some houses to make sure that the candy is safe and healthy. Police have requested that parents throw away any candy that looks as though it was previously open, spoiled, or looks strange. Also, if the candy is homemade then it is best to throw it away, as it could be hiding drugs. Marijuana infused candies are typically packaged and named like a normal candy, but have knock-off names. Children would not typically detect the mistake, but parents will be able to notice.

Many of the candies are branded almost exactly like their imitation, but with slightly different name. For example, “Reefer’s” candy looks almost identical to “Reese’s” and “Keef Kat” candy looks just like “Kit Kat” candy. Many times parents should be particularly aware of teens who may get ahold of this candy, as some dealers may try to advertise their wares through passing out Halloween samples. If you have detected a house that is giving out marijuana laced candy, then you need to contact the police immediately to have the situation looked into.

If you have been harmed by consuming this candy or your child has fallen ill from eating marijuana laced candy then you need to contact the person responsible and call a Miami personal injury attorney With the help of an accomplished lawyer on your side, you may be able to achieve a settlement that you deserve for your psychological trauma and suffering as a result of the incident. Don’t let someone who has been practicing illegal behavior get away with his or her crime! Talk to a lawyer at Klemick & Gampel today for more information!

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