Klemick & Gampel Settles Slip & Fall Case for $400,000

Klemick & Gampel is excited to announce that our firm was recently successful in securing a $400,000 settlement for the victim of a slip and fall accident. The case revolved around an incident in which our client slipped and fell on the public walkway of a commercial building. He ended up needing surgery for a torn rotator cuff, so he decided to pursue legal action against the property owners. When he brought this case the attention of our firm, we knew that we would need to conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances that had led to the injury—as our client would only be able to recover compensation if we were able to show that the owners of the building had acted negligentlyin maintaining the safety of the premises.

We soon discovered that the commercial building had hired a subcontractor to lay an anti-skid surface on the public walkway where our client had slipped. It turns out that this precautionary measure was not only ineffective, but that the owners of the building and the subcontractor were aware of this fact. The surface was not functioning properly for quite some time, and prior cases of other slip and fall accidents on the property were indisputable evidence of this. For this reason, the owners of the commercial building decided to settle the case with our client for $400,000. Not only will this amount of compensation help our client to manage the costs of the medical treatment and surgery that he had received after the accident, but we believe that the money will serve as adequate reimbursement for the pain and suffering that he had endured, as well.

Many people do not realize how devastating the ramifications of a slip and fall accident can be. The victims of these particular accidents may experience injuries ranging from minor bumps and bruises to a permanent spinal cord injury, so one should never disregard their legal options in the wake of such an incident. If you have become the victim of a dangerous premises liability, the dedicated legal team at our firm encourages you to take action—just as our client has recently done. Not only may you need to undergo costly medical treatment, but you may be unable to return to work in the time of your recovery. For this reason, it is important that you pursue the level of compensation that you truly deserve. With the help of a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer from Klemick & Gampel, you can get started immediately.

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