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Fighting for Your Right to Compensation

If you have been injured in an accident which should have been prevented, you have a right to demand compensation. A Miami personal injury attorney from our firm can represent you in a claim for damages, with the goal of obtaining a settlement amount to cover the full costs of your injury. At Klemick and Gampel, P.A.,we have over 95 years of combined experience representing the rights of accident victims. We offer caring, personal service to our clients, as we know what a difficult time this may be for you and your family. You should be allowed to focus on recuperating from your injuries, rather than being forced to struggle back and forth with the insurance company over your claim. Our goal is to help you recover the full amount you deserve, so that you can put this experience behind you and move on with your life.

Our firm has the experience and skill you need on your side when pursuing a personal injury claim. We are members of the American Association for Justice, the Florida Justice Association and the Florida Bar Association, and continually work to hone our skills to better serve you. Our firm is well respected by judges in Miami, and our clients know us as caring, hard-working Miami injury lawyers that will manage a claim throughout the entire process. Unlike many Miami personal injury attorneys, we will not accept an easy settlement if it is not fair to you. We invest the time and energy necessary to take your case to trial and look forward to representing you in court when the need arises.

Types of Personal Injury Claims in Miami, FL

A Miami injury attorney from K&G can help you with any type of claim, whether you have suffered brain injuriesburn injuries, or other types of catastrophic injuries, as well as if you are seeking a settlement for the wrongful death of a loved one. The key to recovering compensation for a car accidenttruck accident,motorcycle accident, a slip/trip and fall or a construction accident is proving that it was the result of the other party’s negligence or misconduct. If someone else caused your injuries through recklessness or a failure to take reasonable precaution, you are entitled to claim damages. We feel that there is no greater obligation that no defend the constitutional rights of injured victims and rectify the wrongs that they have suffered. No one should have to suffer because of the careless misconduct of another person.

Claims are not only limited to negligent individuals but also company entities, insurance companies, or even pet owners. You can file a claim on the grounds of negligence in an accident, as well as for inadequate road designproduct liabilitydangerous drugs,dog bites and any other situation where another person is responsible for your injury. We also represent policy holders ininsurance bad faith actions, as well as victims of crimes in civil lawsuits, and the victims of legal malpractice and medical malpractice. When we visit a medical physician, take prescription drugs, use a product from the market or even just pet a dog, we are assuming in good faith that no harm or lash will come at us. We like to think that we are safe or in good hands, and that other individuals are competent enough to fulfill their duties properly and efficiently, but this is not always the case.

Our Miami personal injury lawyers also are able to handle cases of wrongful death. We understand that there is no amount of compensation which can make up for the death of a loved one. With this said, it is still imperative that the guilty individual is held accountable for what they have done. This could not only bring a sense of closure and justice to the affected family, but it could help ensure that the same tragedy does not happen again. By choosing to work with a Miami injury attorney from our firm, you will be able to focus on yourself and your family during this difficult time while we take care of the legal aspects of your case. Filing a wrongful death claim will also help alleviate the stress of having to deal with the added financial pressure which occurs in these cases. Please, do not wait to contact our office to learn more.

Protecting Miami Accident Victims

Why choose K&G? We will represent you on a No-Recovery, No-Fee basis, so you will not pay us a dime unless we win your case, and an attorney from our firm will work tirelessly to help you receive compensation for your medical bills, your lost income and your pain and suffering. The effects of your injuries may be of a permanent nature and stay with you for the rest of your life. Over our many years of practice in the field, our team has learned that claims of this nature are unique and set apart from all other areas of law. We are not representing hard criminals but rather innocent people, real people who are experiencing real pain and hardship. That is why these claims require sensitivity, discretion, finesse and professionalism.

You may have be a law-abiding citizen who follows the legal code to the letter and you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It does not seem just or fair that you should have to suffer due to the careless act of a negligent person who has a blatant disregard for the safety of others. Our legal team will do everything in our power to ensure that your rights are protected and your objectives are being pursued to the fullest extent. Not many attorneys can truly say that they care for the best interests of their client. We will treat you as a respected individual and not as another case number. Whether you were hurt by a distracted driver, a tired driver, an uninsured motorist, a driver using a hands free cell phone, injured in a drunk driving accident or an accident caused by premises liability, we will stand by you from the very beginning throughout the entirety of your claim.

Fill out our free case evaluation so that we can provide you with a complete diagnosis of your rights and your options depending on the specifics of your case, and to learn what your claim may be worth. Our philosophy is that there is no “one size fits all” defense to settle your claim, in every case we implement a creative approach and formulate a plan of defense to fits the specific needs of your situation. We want to help you attain the best possible outcome for your personal injury matter. Contact our office at 1953 SW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33145 to learn more!

For caring support and aggressive representation throughout the process of your claim, contact a Miami personal injury lawyer from our firm today.

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