Car Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Staying Informed is the First Step Towards Restoration

  • Q: Do I still need to contact my insurance company even if I am not at fault for the accident?A: Most insurance companies require that their customers report every motor vehicle collision. Your insurer will need all the basic information regarding your accident – even if you are not at fault. This will provide the basis for your insurer, if needed, to litigate with another party’s insurance company. The insurance company may want you to make a recorded statement as to what occurred – it is suggested that you contact an attorney before making that statement. It is a must, however, to have an attorney present with you during your statement to another party’s insurance company. Keep in mind that a failure to provide a timely report to your insurance company may result in a denial of your claim in accordance with their policy. If any of these problems have affected you in any way we offer our help to you. Call your personal automobile accident attorney firm Klemick and Gampel today to have your free consultation.
  • Q: What if I had an accident with someone who doesn’t have liability insurance?A: When you purchased your insurance policy it is possible that you have purchased coverage for uninsured motorist claims. This coverage provides compensation to you even if the other party has no liability insurance and it may be available to cover any injury you have sustained due to accident. It is essential to look into your policy before making any conclusions. Also, remember, that the potential causes of accidents may not initially be known and may have occurred due to negligent road design, for example. It is essential that you contact a specialty attorney that will be present during your conversation with an insurance company and if difficulties arise he will be able to represent you in court. Call Klemick and Gampel, Miami office to get your consultation and your quality legal help.
  • Q: How much is my case worth?A: I cannot give you an answer at this time, because it depends on how serious you have been injured and how the accident happened. Please contact Herman Klemick for a free consultation at (305) 707-6436.

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