Miami Road Design Accidents

Common Questions

  • Q: What road design accident cases are there?A: There are many kinds of claims that can be filed in case of a road design accident. The local, the State or sometimes the Federal government can be found liable depending on the roadway on which the accident took place. Here are some types of roadway design-related accidents: not highly visible traffic signs, improper lighting on highways that can cause difficulty in visualizing the road and motor vehicles which have contributed to an accident, improper guardrails that have failed to provide adequate protection, low quality roads (involving roads poorly designed, worn and tore off sections of the roadway, improper width of lanes and improper angles of curves), poor weather conditions, and broken road signals. These and many more accidents in which the cause was the roadway itself are our specialty. We offer comprehensive legal counseling on all of these types of cases. Do not hesitate to call Klemick and Gampel of Miami, Florida at (305) 707-6436 if you became a victim of a poorly designed roadway.
  • Q: Who is responsible for the design and defects of the state highways?A: Local municipalities and state entities are always responsible for maintaining the roads under their jurisdiction. Dangerous and defective conditions that exist on the roads are under legal responsibility of such agencies. Most State laws will let you collect from the municipality or the state itself if you became a victim of a dangerous or defective road. If you became a victim of such improper road maintenance, you have a right to be compensated. Do not hesitate to call us today, so we can estimate your case.

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