Dangerous Drugs

Injury Claims for Dangerous Pharmaceuticals

In recent years, the FDA has changed the way that they evaluate new medications. There is a “fast-track” system that allows them to be more easily approved for the general public. Most testing now takes place overseas in countries where people are struggling to survive, and are paid to take part in studies. It is questionable whether this process is in the best interests of consumers. Many drugs in recent years were found to have permanent or even fatal side effects. Unfortunately, if you or your loved one suffered an injury, illness, serious medical condition or even lost their lives, you are only a statistic when it comes to Big Pharma.

The theory is that the benefits outstrip the danger to consumers. When there are enough side effects, the firms will eventually pull the drug off the market, either voluntarily, or involuntarily as ordered by the FDA. If you have suffered serious side effects from taking any pharmaceutical drug, a Miami personal injury lawyer from Klemick and Gampel, P.A. can help. With more than 95 years of combined experience, you can have confidence that your case will be handled correctly and professionally. We have a track record of success in many difficult injury cases, and our trial team will present a persuasive case should we not get satisfaction with a fair settlement offer in mediation or negotiations.

Dangerous Drug Fatalities

Pharmaceuticals have helped innumerable people. However, drugs can be extremely dangerous as well. Although the FDA is dedicated to keeping consumers safe, dangerous foods and drugs still enter the U.S. consumer market every year. According to the Live Strong Foundation, prescription drugs were responsible for more deaths in the state of Florida in 2009 than illegal substances. In the past, drubs like Xanax and Valium have caused many fatalities. Xanax is a name-brand prescription medication used to treat panic disorders. Unfortunately, increased doses lead to sedation and death. Some prescription drugs turn fatal when combined with alcohol. Valium – a prescription drug used to treat anxiety disorders – may be fatal when taken with alcohol or taken in excessive doses. In 2008, Valium was listed as one of the nation’s most lethal drugs. If you’ve suffered an injury or lost a loved one because of a dangerous drug, contact our firm today.

Legal Guidance You can Trust

We offer skilled legal counsel in all types of dangerous drug claims, including injury cases involving adulterated pharmaceuticals. In 2011, a huge number of drugs were recalled: RegenErect, Infants Tylenol Oral Suspension, RegenArouse, Motrin IB, Oral contraceptives from Qualifest Pharmaceuticals, certain lots of Coumadin, Topamax, and many, many other pharmaceutical products, either due to cross contamination or other issue. Babies have suffered serious birth defects when the mother took Xanax during their pregnancy, and the list goes on. No matter what your situation is, you deserve to have your case fully evaluated by a true legal professional. We can advise you what can be done to pursue justice and compensation. Contact us today to discuss your case and how to move forward.

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